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Meet the Veganic Experts

every Wednesday this June!

Join us for this educational series with 4 leaders in the veganic movement!

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$80 USD or sliding scale.

All proceeds will support the
2024 Veganic Summit!

Join us to:

  • Gain insight and advice from vegan organic farmers and gardeners who have decades of experience!
  • Meet veganic experts, ask them questions, and dive deep into veganic practices
  • Connect with the international veganic community

Did you know...?

This expert series is also a fundraiser for the next Veganic Summit!

By signing up, you’re providing precious support to help amplify the veganic movement!

Register by May 21st
to get a bonus activity!

Who you’ll meet:

Week 1

Wednesday, June 5
12-2pm Eastern (5-7pm England)

Meet Jimmy Videle

Author of The Veganic Grower’s Handbook. Farmer, homesteader, and seed producer.

Jimmy Videle has been homesteading for over 25 years and working as a full-time professional organic farmer since 2005. He transitioned to veganic techniques in 2014 and currently runs a small-scale veganic farm and seed company at La Ferme de l’Aube with his wife Mélanie Bernier in Quebec, Canada. Jimmy is the author of The Veganic Grower’s Handbook, the host of The Veganic Grower’s Hour on YouTube, and the co-founder of the North American Veganic Certification Standard (NAVCS). He has worked and consulted on farms in Arizona, Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, South America, and Canada.

Week 2

Wednesday, June 12
12-2pm Eastern (5-7pm England)

Meet Helen Atthowe

Author of The Ecological Farm.
Farmer, orchard grower, and permaculturist.

Helen Atthowe is the author of “The Ecological Farm: A Minimalist No-Till, No-Spray, Selective-Weeding, Grow-Your-Own-Fertilizer System for Organic Agriculture”. She has a master’s degree in horticulture from Rutgers University, and has worked for 35 years to develop ecological farming management strategies. She currently farms and does research on her new 5 acre farm in Western Montana. Previously, Helen and her late husband owned a 211 acre organic farm in Eastern Oregon experimenting with grow-your-own fertilizer and no-till orchard and vegetable production methods. Before this, Helen operated with her late husband their certified organic orchard in California where they pioneered no-till methods for raising apples, peaches, and other tree fruits without the use of any type of pesticides. Earlier, Helen also owned and operated a 30 acre certified organic vegetable and fruit farm in Montana.

Week 3

Wednesday, June 19
12-2pm Eastern (5-7pm England)

Meet Iain Tolhurst

Certified Stockfree Organic farmer.
Author of Growing Green: Animal-Free Organic Techniques.

Iain Tolhurst has been at the forefront of the UK organic farming movement for almost 50 years and he is an internationally renowned speaker on sustainable farming. His 8-hectare farm is Certified Stockfree Organic and produces a wide range of produce. Tolhurst Organic farm is a model of sustainability, incorporating green manures, diverse crop rotations, woodchip composts, and agroforestry practices in the vegetable system. He also pioneered woodchip substrates for propagation to move away from peat-based materials. Iain Tolhurst is the author of several books, including Growing Green.

Week 4

Wednesday, June 26
12-2pm Eastern (5-7pm England)

Meet Johannes Eisenbach

Coordinator of the Biocyclic Vegan Network and producer of Biocyclic humus soil.

Johannes Eisenbach has a doctorate in agriculture and lives in Kalamata, Greece. He has been involved in organic farming since 1982. Together with organic pioneer Adolf Hoops, he developed the Biocyclic Vegan Standard, through which plant-based organic farms can be certified internationally. Johannes started a compost plant in Greece, in which high-quality compost and Biocyclic Humus Soil have been produced continuously since 1997. In 2022, he founded the International Biocyclic Humus Soil Initiative and has been one of the driving forces towards the establishment of the terra plena Fund to scale up Biocyclic Humus Soil generation worldwide with benefits for mitigating global warming, restoring natural soil fertility and enhancing world food security.

$80 USD or sliding scale. All proceeds will support the
2024 Veganic Summit!

Register by May 21st to get a bonus activity!

Early bird bonus activity:

Wednesday, May 22
12-2pm Eastern (5-7pm England)

Meet Stephane Groleau
and Meg Kelly

Avid veganic gardeners, and creators of the Veganic Summit, Learn Veganic, and the Veganic Agriculture Network.

After studying organic agriculture in college, Stéphane co-founded the Veganic Agriculture Network in 2008. He has been gardening veganically for 20 years, both in-ground and on balconies, and he co-teaches the Learn Veganic gardening course. He is passionate about approaches to food and farming that respect the planet, people and animals. He translated the book Permaculture: A Beginner’s Guide into French (La permaculture – une brève introduction), and he is also an eco-filmmaker, musician and webmaster. Stéphane co-organized the 2023 Veganic Summit.

Meg Kelly is an advocate for veganic gardening and farming, and the coordinator of the Veganic Summit. In 2008 she co-founded the Veganic Agriculture Network to promote fully plant-based food systems. An avid gardener, Meg has been growing food veganically for 15 years in backyards, on balconies, and in the countryside. She teaches the Learn Veganic online gardening course to empower people around the world to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home using sustainable veganic techniques.

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Who should sign up?

This event series is for gardeners, farmers, homesteaders, activists, and eco-citizens who would like to deepen their knowledge of growing food using vegan organic techniques (without any animal byproducts or chemical fertilizers).

Each Wednesday in June, we’ll meet a different veganic expert over Zoom!

These 2-hour events will include:
-An intro and fireside chat for 30 minutes
-Questions from the audience for 1.5 hours!

We’ll concentrate on each expert’s special areas of knowledge, from green manures to fruit trees to living mulch to soil to homesteading!

The events are happening Wednesdays on June 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th from 12-2pm Eastern (5-7pm in England).

*Bonus! By signing up early, you’ll be invited for an extra event on May 22nd!

By signing up, you’ll receive Zoom links to join us live for each event.

And we’ll also give you access to event recordings for 3 months, so it’s fine if you miss it live or want to re-watch them!

It’s $80 USD for access to the entire event series, which includes 8 hours of insights from veganic experts (with options for watching it live and recorded).

There are sliding scale options to pay more or less (minimum $50 USD).

All funds will support the next Veganic Summit!

The expert series this June is an educational opportunity for you *and* a fundraiser for the next Veganic Summit!

We’re busily organizing the next Veganic Summit, which will reach thousands of people with free veganic education from November 8th-10th 2024!

And we need your help to make this happen! We’re actively fundraising to ensure the next Veganic Summit is impactful.

By signing up for this expert series, your entire contribution will support the next Veganic Summit!

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*All proceeds will support the
2024 Veganic Summit!

Your host:

Meg Kelly

Founder of the Veganic Summit

“I’m thrilled to be hosting the expert series this June!

It’s a rare opportunity for the veganic community to meet with pioneering veganic experts and hear their insights.

We’re so grateful to every veganic expert who is participating, and grateful to each of you who is joining us too.

We’re looking forward to sharing this unique educational experience with you!”

$80 USD or sliding scale.

All proceeds will support the
2024 Veganic Summit!

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