Sponsor the 2024 Veganic Summit!

Sponsor the 2024 Veganic Summit!

Sponsor the 2024 Veganic Summit!

The 2024 Veganic Summit is set to be the largest event in the history of the veganic movement!

The first online summit in 2023 had over 1,300 registrants from more than 50 countries.

And we’re making every effort to ensure that the 2024 edition is even more impactful.

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By sponsoring the Veganic Summit, you’ll be providing precious support to help the veganic movement grow, while also connecting with a likeminded audience who is interested in sustainable, compassionate, vegan food systems.

The 2024 Veganic Summit will take place online from November 8th-10th, 2024 and we are actively seeking sponsors at this time.

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*Note that we are seeking sponsors who are well aligned with the Veganic Summit and we’ll be assessing potential sponsors on an individual basis.

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