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Example #1

The first annual Veganic Summit is coming from November 10-12th, 2023: https://veganicsummit.com/
This 3-day online event features international experts in veganic farming and gardening.
You can join the summit to explore:
  • How farms and gardens can flourish using plant-based techniques, without any livestock or animal inputs
  • How veganic practices lead to healthier soils, greater biodiversity, and a lower environmental impact
  • How veganic is key to society transitioning towards fully plant-based food systems
  • How you can implement veganic techniques in your own garden or farm
It’s free to register for the Veganic Summit to watch all the presentations. Or you can upgrade to an affordable All-Access Pass for Q&As, networking activities, and extra resources.
Find out more and register here: https://veganicsummit.com/

Example #2

The Veganic Summit is coming from November 10th-12th! https://veganicsummit.com
You’ll discover:
🥕 How you can grow fruits and veggies without any animal-based fertilizers
🍃 How veganic farms can be resilient and eco-friendly
🍀 How to grow your own plant-based fertilizers for greater self-sufficiency
This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from experts in the field.
And it’s free to sign up! https://veganicsummit.com

Example #3

🌱 Join us at the Veganic Summit! 🌱 
Get your free pass for inspiring talks, hands-on advice, and a deep dive into the world of veganic farming and gardening.
The online Veganic Summit is coming from November 10-12, 2023.
🌿 Learn from experts in the field.
🌿 Connect with like-minded individuals.
🌿 Discover the role of veganic growing in creating sustainable, plant-based food systems.
👉 Register for FREE today at https://veganicsummit.com
(You can also upgrade to the all-access pass for live activities and exclusive content).
Let’s cultivate a greener and compassionate future together, one seed at a time 🌱💚
#VeganicSummit #Veganic

Example #4

Save the date! Nov. 10-12 is the first ever Veganic Summit! 🌱 https://veganicsummit.com
Join experts in veganic farming and gardening as we explore the transition to sustainable plant-based food systems.

Example #5

We’re excited to invite you to the first ever Veganic Summit.

It’s happening from November 10th-12th, and features experts in veganic gardening and farming!

You can sign up for the Veganic Summit for free to watch all the presentations.

Or get the All-Access Pass for lots of great bonuses (including live Q&As and networking events, a veganic e-book, and more!)

You can get all the details and register here: https://veganicsummit.com/

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